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2012 marks the beginning of my 3rd year in photography. I have dabbled in everything in order to find out what I want to continue to do and what I would rather refer out to other local photographers. The one thing I never even considered was newborn photography.
Fact: newborns terrify me.
I haven’t had babies yet so handling those little tiny bundles of joy simply scares the bajeezus out of me. Several of my photographer friends have told me I limit myself by not offering newborn sessions. I recently reached out to a few local photographers about doing collaborations; I would send them newborns and they would send me births. I got shunned, ignored, and laughed at. Apparently baby pictures is serious business, folks! 🙂 After all the rejection and criticism I received, I thought to myself….why the heck not? Why not give it at least ONE shot? My favorite clients had just booked me for my first birth session and I thought it would be fitting to have little Jaxon be my first newborn, as well! So we set it up and as I was preparing for the shoot I realized I had DRAWERS (okay…an entire closet!) full of newborn photography props. I have 7 blankets, a posing bag, easily 20 hats, headbands, wraps….my best friend laughed at me told me to not fight it. I had been preparing for this, not avoiding it! 🙂 So I got little Jaxon in and with the help of my best friend (to ease my anxiety and for moral support!) I did my first newborn session and am pretty proud of it!! Jaxon’s entire newborn session can be seen HERE but here is a little preview of my first go at newborns!

I was pretty dang happy with this and completely smitten. I thought…wow. I CAN do this!!! But maybe with some practice first, right? Newborn photography is ALL about safety and practice.practice.practice.

I thought I would put together a little something for my expectant Mamas. If you are due in 2012 and book a maternity session with your newborn session will be FREE! When it comes to photography my heart will always be with the kiddos. They are my favorite sessions and simply make me smile from the heart. But I truly was limiting myself by not offering newborn sessions. Honestly, there is an immense amount of EXTREMELY talented photographers in Tulsa. I was very intimidated by them but my dear friend Julie Paisley has always put me at ease by telling me that there are always enough clients to go around. One photographer cannot photograph every newborn, every family, or every wedding. Variety is good and I’m nervous and excited to get in the mix of the newborn world!
My maternity prices can be found on my website HERE.
Feel free to email me with any questions!!
Also feel free to share this flyer with your preggie friends 😉

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