Beautiful Family Field Pictures in Tulsa, OK

I. LOVE. this. family.  They are one of the many reasons why I love family sessions so much!
Mandie (a nurse practitioner) was referred to me by another client (also a nurse!) last year.
{side note: I’m not sure what draws so many nurses to hire me but I have an immense amount of nursing clients. I really think nurses are part magic, part awesomeness, and part unicorn. NO ONE is cooler than a nurse in my book!}
This family is not only downright gorgeous, they are an absolute blast! Mandie and her hubby Mack celebrated 10 years of marriage this fall. I lovelovelove being around couples that have put in so much time together are still so obviously happy. It makes my little heart smile 🙂 Their children are clearly products of a happy home… Will is an absolute doll and totally head over heels for his Mama! And Miss Mary….well. She’s one of my favorite sassy little girls!
Mary absolutely MAKES this picture!!!!
Is there anything sweeter than a boy and his dog?
This picture makes me a little sad because I know at our session next year she won’t be little enough to do this. It’s bittersweet watching my tiny clients grow up!

Jessica Millward - November 30, 2012 - 11:26 AM

Gorgeous as always! You can feel the love in this family!

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