About Amy

 A·my [ey-mee]  (ā′mē)
 a female given name: from a French word meaning "beloved." 

Hiya! My name is Amy and I am the insanely proud owner+photographer of this little adventure I call be.loved.photography.

I struggle to write ‘about me’ because I truly believe the most important aspect of my portraits is my subject {you!}
Why write about me when I can be learning more about you?! 

I suppose the best reason would be to make sure {you} feel we are a great fit. For instance, if you are looking for a studio set up I am not your girl. I shoot on location only because I believe the most beautiful light is pure, natural daylight. It is the kind of light that turns the most uninspiring setting into a stunning canvas, allowing me to compose works of art highlighting the details that define your personality and unique beauty. 

On the subject of unique beauty, I see it everywhere in everything. The less perfect it is, the more interesting it becomes. Interesting is important to me. I strive to create beautiful images. I put every ounce of my energy into coordinating the location, the posing (or lack thereof), and painstaking attention paid to editing your images so that the end result is aesthetically pleasing – and interesting. 

I want you to be captivated long enough to linger in front of your portraits. Beauty alone isn’t enough. I want you to enjoy reliving the fun and personal nuances that remind you of exactly how you felt in that moment. 

I am not comfortable unless you are, so please know that incorporating your requests and style is my priority. Feel free to bring any ideas to the table. I enjoy tailoring sessions as much as possible so that each is an entirely individual experience. I can’t stress it enough. {You} are the most important, beautiful part of the art I create. 
Thank you for that privilege.     

People constantly ask me why I do photography and the answer is simple.

Because it makes others happy.